2022 Summer Matinee Series
We are happy to bring to Sheridan a series of children's films that prove to be enjoyable for many reasons.
1)  It guarantees that there will be a suitable entertainment available in Sheridan for the youngsters each and every week this summer.  (Something that we cannot guarantee under normal programming.)
2)  It makes possible a special low admission rate ($1.00 per movie)
3)  Sales by series ticket eliminates the need to stand in line to buy tickets.                                                                                       

The following should answer any further questions concerning the series. 
Series tickets will be sold in your child's school by members of the PTO or officials of participating schools. They receive a percentage of series tickets sold. Tickets can be purchased at the same time for all members of your family, including adults.  Series tickets will be sold at your school through the last day of school.  After the end of school tickets will be available at the Centennial Theatre. Series ticket price is $10.00 and is good for one admission to each of the 10 films this summer.  Single admissions can be purchased at the theatre boxoffice for $4.00 per film.  As you can see, if you plan to attend more than 2 movies it is to your advantage to purchase a series ticket.
There will be 2 days of shows, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00 am & 1:30 pm at the Centennial Theatre starting June 15th for ten weeks.  Additional movie information or changes (if necessary) will be announced  on our web site www.sheridanmovies.com.
There will be a special concession combo that includes pop, popcorn and a candy item for $4.00.
We welcome any suggestions as to how we can make this series enjoyable for the children.
June 15th & 16th
June 22nd & 23d
June 29th & 30th
July 6th & 7th
July 13th & 14th
July 20th & 21st
July 27th & 28th
August 3rd & 4th
August 10th & 11th
August 17th & 18th
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